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Make Your Move Then Forward It To Us

Our aim is to bring Buyers and Sellers together. How were you planning to let Buyers know your domain name is for sale? Forward it here without much effort or cost.

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he first thing I want to tell you is if you take my advice, that is, follow it, you can save yourself time, money and heartache. Start with the premise "Buyers are not 

going to ring my doorbell and ask if I have any domain names for sale." So what is your plan? How were you going to let people know that your name is for sale?

    makeOffer® must protect itself from fraud. Listen very carefully. We cannot connect you with potential Buyers if you do not point, or forward, your name to Do you think we are just trying to increase our traffic? That would be nice, but no, that is not the reason. Our Buyers also must protect themselves from fraud. The only way we know we are dealing with the actual owner of a domain name is see OUR site load when we type in your domain name address. An imposter cannot control where your name lands unless they have intercepted your registrar account. If they can do that, they don't need to pay you a dime.

   So please understand we cannot accept you as a client if you are unwilling to point your name at We charge you absolutely nothing to do that. It's FREE to point at us! We have to deal directly with the legitimate owner of the domain name in question. Anybody can look up your WhoIs record and pretend to be you. If you are trying to sell an existing website, we cannot advise you on how to do that. It is not a market we wish to enter at this juncture.

    If your WhoIs record can be publicly read, you are asking for trouble. Log in to your domain name registrar account and "hide" your WhoIs record. This additional security action on your part prevents anyone from trying to assume your identity on our site. It also keeps trolls from data mining your information for annoying or criminal purposes. Finally, Buyers do not want to be ripped off. When your name resolves at our website, Buyers must know they are submitting an offer to the actual owner of the domain name.

    When I was in the military they taught me to K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple Stupid). While all modes of communication suffer from noise, our goal is to eliminate as much as possible. Remember, you 

determine whether any offer you receive deserves a

response. Domain trolls want you to negotiate against yourself. Don't be sucked into responding to low offers. If you do, you will only receive insults, badgering and ridicule in response to what you think is a fair counteroffer.

    If you have ever operated shortwave or CB radios, you recall the "squelch" knob which eliminated most of the background noise in that frequency range. Again, makeOffer® is not going to press you to accept ANY offer. We DO NOT MAKE A COMMISSION. Turn your squelch up and learn to ignore the trolls. Selling a domain name requires patience. We don't interfere in your transactions with potential Buyers. makeOffer® will not advise you on pricing or counteroffers. That is entirely up to you.

    If you are interested in joining our consultancy, then you will pay a low annual fee of $29.99. Additional fees may be incurred at the time of transfer that are the responsibility of either BUYER or SELLER OR BOTH. makeOffer® is not responsible for any hosting, registration or transfer fees. We offer a standardized domain name sales contract for your use at, but we cannot guarantee or warrant the legal language contained therein.

    Additionally, makeOffer® reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. If two parties engage in the completion of a domain name sales contract, makeOffer® will not assume any liability for a failed transfer of funds or transfer of domain name registration. Once a contract is signed and completed between Seller and Buyer, any potential liability for failure to perform as per the terms of the contract is yours alone. Should you wish to use your own legal counsel, you, of course, may arrange such services at your own cost.

    The bottom line with this website? We are advising our clients to meet here to Buy and Sell domain names. Sellers, if you take our advice, will point your names here to begin receiving offers. Buyers and Sellers are dealing directly with each other. There is no middle man interfering with your negotiations. Our annual agreement is priced at a fixed rate for Sellers. We are not making a commission and not basing our income on that premise. Therefore, you and the Buyer are free to come to a price in your own way, on your own schedule.

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As an incentive to join makeOffer®, the price of an annual consultancy is being reduced from the usual $29.99 per year per domain name down to:

$19.99 THROUGH 31DEC2021

Once we receive your payment and confirmation of your ownership of the domain name, Buyers will be able to make offers on your name.

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