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Need Help Choosing a Special Domain Name?

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ost of the "great" domain names are already taken. You may have tried to "register" a domain name at a registrar's website. It can be quite a

and are interested in joining our consultancy, then you will pay a low annual fee of $29.99. Additional fees may be incurred at the time of transfer that are the responsibility of either BUYER or SELLER or BOTH. makeOffer® is not responsible for any hosting, registration or transfer fees. We offer a standardized domain name sales contract for your use at, but we cannot guarantee or warrant the legal language contained therein.

    Additionally, makeOffer® reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. If two parties engage in the completion of a domain name sales contract, makeOffer® will not assume any liability for a failed transfer of funds or transfer of domain name registration. Once a contract is signed and completed between Seller and Buyer, any potential liability for failure to perform as per the terms of the contract is yours alone. Should you wish to use your own legal counsel, you, of course, may arrange such services at your own cost.

    The bottom line with this website? We are advising our clients to meet here to Buy and Sell domain names. Sellers, if they take our advice, will point their names here to begin receiving offers. Buyers and Sellers are dealing directly with each other. There is no middle man interfering with your negotiations. Our annual agreement is priced at a fixed rate for Sellers. We are not making a commission and not basing our income on  that premise. Therefore, you and the Seller are free to come to a price in your own way, on your own schedule. Thank you for stopping by and please, tell your friends about us!

frustrating experience.

    You may have arrived here at makeOffer® because you typed in a domain name that is already being pointed or redirected here. Or, you may have learned about makeOffer® and clicked on the "Shop" button, which contains an .XLS file of domain names that point here. Microsoft Excel typically opens an .xls file extension, but it can also be opened on Mac with Numbers. Excel is also available for Android and iOS devices. The makeOffer® shopping list will be updated once a Seller joins our consultancy and points their names to our site. This is how you know you are making an offer to the legitimate owner of the domain name: their domain is redirected here to

    The owners of the names often prefer to keep their identity private until such time as a selling price is negotiated. If you are interested in making a reasonable offer on a domain name then submit a Buyer makeOffer® Form which will be forwarded to the Seller. If the owner is interested in making a counteroffer to you, then they will respond to you directly. makeOffer® will not assist in matters concerning price, nor will we forward any offers on domain names that are not pointing to our consultancy.

    It is as simple as that. What have you got to lose? It's FREE for BUYERS. If you own a name you wish to sell,

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